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Hi, my name is José Calderón, and I'm the creator of Goddess. Back in 2001 when I was 14 years old, I created a story called Carisma, this concept followed me over the years until it became Goddess in 2007.

Goddess is an adventure and puzzle game I'm developing in my spare time.

The game tells the sad love story of a princess who will have to go through a world filled with lively and beautiful places, as well as other full of sadness and sorrows to find the person who she most loves in the world. Many puzzles, moral decisions, freedom to go anywhere you want and a run 'n' hide combat system, since Goddess doesn't fight, will be some of the main features in the game.

In 2011 I started working again in this beautiful project hoping this time I'd manage to complete it.

It's not necessary to download or install anything. The game runs directly on your browser by pressing the "Download" button. You can use your keyboard, gamepad or touch screen to play.

If you're using the itch app, just install the "App" file. This will create a shortcut on your library.

My goal is to achieve a completely free game with content suitable for all ages and when required possible censored content available only for 17+.

If you want, you can support this project by donating $1.99 USD or more. Your donation will help me to pay the game server and to continue developing Goddess. In return you'll be able to unlock the censored content in the demo and of course in the final game, as well as access to the locked gallery, concept art and extras.

You can also get this content by helping with translations, spell checking, music, sounds, voices, modeling, texturing or publicity.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'll be pleased to answer you! My English is poor, but I'm sure we will be able to understand each other.

Thank you for supporting Goddess! I hope you like this beautiful project.

-José Calderón

Main information

Game progress 1% (Demo)

Raised $35.93 USD (Including fees and charges, weekly updated)


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App.zip 1 kB
Goddess demo
Censored content if you pay $1.99 USD or more
Concept art, extras and documentation if you pay $1.99 USD or more


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I'd be happy to help with translation to French if you need it.

Hi, r3dzz! I would be very happy if you could help me translating Goddess! It's not very difficult! Just send me a friend request on Facebook, then we can exchange some messages with the translations. I'll send you an itch.io key and of course I'll put your name on the credits. Thanks for helping me :)


I don't have Facebook or any other social media. we can communicate through email if you like.

Ok, please send me an email to josecalderon@live.com

And thanks again :3

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Good job, the game is really nice :)

Thank you!

Not quite sure what the best way to contact you is, but I'm interested in the game. I don't have much money at the moment, but if this is still an active project, I'd like to donate and potentially play it on my (small) Youtube channel to get it some publicity if you'd like.

I'll check back on it when I have money to give in exchange for playing it!

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Hi, OwlheadGames! Thank you very much for commenting. You can play Goddess completely free, even you can get the censored content without paying! But of course any donation helps me a lot to pay the Goddess server. On the other hand, Goddess is a very simple game, maybe it doesn't like your subscribers :/ but I'll be very happy if you do a review or let's play :) Thank you.

Espera espera espera.... contenido sin censura...

Me ha dado curiosidad...

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Hola, DiNaMiiC! El contenido censurado y la galería bloqueada son realmente poco, no es nada especial e incluso puedes obtenerlo de forma gratuita. Por otra parte cualquier donación también es bienvenida :3